Click on each Midtown street block (left-hand map) and see (on the right-hand map):
  1. Areas within 120- and 60-min one-way commute to it – boundary on the right-hand map.
  2. Score values of this block, defined by the amount of Visitation, Business density and diversity within commute areas, and combined LRS (all in form of 0-100 scores) – numbers on the left-hand panel and colors on the map below.
  3. Underlying heatmaps of Visitation, Business and Centrality Level* (combined Visitation and Business – see Annex for further explanation) – gradient on the right-hand map.
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Midtown commute area



Centrality Level

min max


Location Resilience Score

0 100

West 45 Street & Broadway

-73.9842 40.7570   Selected Block •  691

Block scores

The colors of Midtown blocks on the left are defined by the total value of the commute area on the right